What is My Drug App?

As soon as meds are e-prescribed, My Drug App notifies the patient about drug and pharmacy substitution options and provides full price transparency, including highly personalized coupons and discounts. My Drug App integrates seamlessly into e-Prescribing solutions for prescribers. It is a time-saver for prescribers and it enables pharmacists and manufacturers to interact with exactly the potential customers they are looking for. At the very moment the decision is made which drug to buy at which price at which pharmacy. This is unrivalled high precision customer acquisition and a win for all involved.

Patient Benefits

With My Drug App, you can compare your insurance copay with all the other options to make the purchase, including personalized coupons and discounts from pharmacies and manufacturers. Once you selected price and in case of generics the preferred manufacturer, the selected pharmacy is going to dispense. My Drug App is for patients who don't want to be a cash cow.

Price transparency at the point of care

You know what you pay before drugs get prescribed. Our prices are known to you and your doc when deciding on the therapy. No sticker shock.

Re-empowered patients

No other industry treats customers as disrespectfully as healthcare. My Drug App works to break this stigma and puts patients first.

Become a decision- maker again

Choose any medication you and your physician prefer without formulary restrictions and third-party influence. This is possible because we work without middle-men that make money from deciding which drugs you should buy.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Benefits

My Drug App is the new point of sale for prescription drugs. We can display notifications and individual offers on the Point of Care and our patient-facing screens that represent a new Point of Sale. Finally, patients can make their purchasing decision solely based on their brand preference and available budget. No third-parties interfere in setting the prices or eligibility of drugs. It's just you and your potential customer in the room. Patients and physicians have full price transparency when the treatment decision is made. Issuing rebates is done with algorithms to target the desired audience individually and with the right amount of rebate. This is happening when the purchase decision is made. Now for the manufacturers of generics and branded generics: Patients are not all the same as generics aren't. Patients sometimes might want to give a different product a try once in a while. We allow patients to choose the generic manufacturer or brand whenever they get an eRx for a generic. In My Drug App, you can directly ask them. We only charge you in case a rebate offer was accepted. 100% conversion rate on the spent budget.

Freedom to set prices

My Drug App allows you to issue individual discounts as desired with real-time, algo-driven capabilities.

Increased profit and affordability

Less middle-men, no need to pay third-parties for market access or indirect influence of behaviour.

Valuable POS data insights

My Drug App captures data about decision making at the point of sale that has not been captured before.

Pharmacy Advantages

We know what is important for pharmacies. Efficient processes, no delays of reimbursements, equal treatment, and no strange opaque fee structures for administration. Pharmacies can serve our clients with the technical systems in place. With My Drug App, customer acquisition is like cherry picking. Whenever a customer nearby is using our app to decide at which pharmacy to get an eRx filled, you have the chance to provide them an incentive to be your customer. We charge a tiny fee for this but only in case of success.

Choose freely what to offer

We don't interfere, you choose what to offer and how.

Increased profit and affordability

Target precisely the categories of drugs and patients that you prefer.

Effective customer acquisition

Low, conversion-based success fees.

Stay in touch

Our email address is intouch@ followed by mydrugapp.com.

We are launching our app and services in Q1 2023. Follow us on social media to be informed about the launch and our first steps.